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OEM Knowhow

We have been building up “adhesive transdermal patch” technologies for more than a century since the company was founded, and have been engaged in contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals that guarantee satisfaction to customers.

OEM Knowhow

To maintain social trust as a company and to clarify the basic corporate behavior of corporate ethics in compliance with laws and regulations, we have set forth our values and standards in Oishi-Koseido’s “Corporate Code of Conduct” as a guiding principle, and thoroughly disseminate it to all executives and employees.
The company organized a Corporate Ethics Committee through which it examines concrete measures to establish corporate ethics, and in addition to conducting training for all officers and employees,
review the “Corporate Code of Conduct” for corporate ethics promotion.

After the revised Pharmaceutical Affairs Act took effect on April 1, 2005, we were required to comply with the Ministerial Ordinance on Standards for Quality Assurance of Drugs, Quasi-drugs, Cosmetics and Medical Devices (the Good Quality Practice (GQP) ministerial ordinance), which sets out the standards for drug quality control methods as a licensing requirement for the manufacturing and marketing industry.

In compliance with the GQP ministerial ordinance, Oishi Koseido promptly produced model documentation for the Quality Control Operating Procedures and the Quality Control Standard Code required of the pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing industry. In accordance with the rules, the General Manufacturing and Marketing Manager was appointed, and the Quality Assurance department and Safety Management department were placed under his supervision. The Quality Assurance supervisor and Safety manager were appointed to take charge of the respective departments and ensure highest quality control.

At present, we manufacture gel patches, plasters, and tapes by using our proprietary technology and unique know-how which we have accumulated over years.
We propose and utilize manufacturing methods, respond to the quality requirements of our valued customers, and undertake contract manufacturing of high-quality products that meet their satisfaction.

In addition, our manufacturing facilities are compatible with GMP in Japan and abroad, and capable of handling outsourcing production of adhesive transdermal patches.

OEM Knowhow

Major Business Alliances

We have more than 150 business partners.

  • ■ Kyorin Rimedio Co., Ltd.
  • ■ Takata Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • ■ Teikoku Seiyaku Co., Ltd.
  • ■ Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • ■ Nippon Chemiphar Co., Ltd.
  • ■ Nihon Generic Co., Ltd.
  • ■ Pfizer Japan Inc.
  • ■ Mylan Seiyaku Ltd.
  • ■ Yutoku Pharmaceutical Industry Co. Ltd.

Gel Patches

We supply a portfolio of products ranging from non-prescription to ethical products to a broad range of users.
Every day, we develop products such as two-piece liners or high-capacity support by listening carefully to the customers needs.

  • Cooling gel patches

    Cooling gel patches

    Large 200mm × 140mm
    Medium 140mm × 100mm
    Small 120mm × 80mm
    120mm × 50mm
    100mm × 70mm
  • Warming gel patches

    Warming gel patches

    Medium 140mm × 100mm


With a production track record of more than half a century, we manufacture products according to the applications such as perforated patches and round patches.
Due to our unique technology, the products are resistant to sweat and moisture.

  • 65mm × 42mm

    65mm × 42mm

  • 70mm × 55mm

    70mm × 55mm

  • Diameter 28mm

    Diameter 28mm


The tapes feature an adhesive coating comprised of synthetic rubber adhesive which does not cause irritation and conforms to the skin. The formulation design is suited for requirements of high-quality products such as transdermal patches.

  • Tapes
    Large 140mm × 100mm
    Small 100mm × 70mm