Company Information

Our Vision /Guiding Principle

At Oishi Koseido we continually create social value by contributing to health promotion through trustworthy pharmaceuticals. This will be our guiding principle for the next 100 years.

Management Policies

Like a constantly growing tree, we hope to stay energetic.
With roots in history, we shall let the main trunk of business flourish.
Let us nurture new growth and extend the branches of information.
Let the flowers of sensitivity blossom and bear the fruits of medicine.

The Essence of Oishi Koseido

  • 理念・方針 Principle
  • 信頼できる医薬品 Value
  • 新たな貢献 Mission

Code of Conduct

Action Guidelines

  • 1 We will make every effort to operate in a clean and organized environment.
  • 2 We are committed to create a safe work environment and will guard against slack adherence to the rules due to over-familiarity.
  • 3 To increase work efficiency, we will strive to prevent wasteful practices, unreasonableness, and inconsistencies.
  • 4 We will work together with one heart to create high-quality products.
  • 5 Full of life and empowered with creative thinking, we take on challenges as we develop innovations and create hope for tomorrow.

The two themes for the next 100 years

  • New contributions

    New contributions

    We want to deliver high-quality adhesive patches to more people.
    We are developing products to match needs in Japan and abroad.
  • Manufacturing dependable pharmaceuticals

    Manufacturing trustworthy pharmaceuticals

    Trust in product quality nurtured over 110 years
    We are constantly improving to meet expectations.