To continually create social value
New contributions by Oishi Koseido

The foundation for everything we do is creating and
efficiently manufacturing trustworthy and consistent high-quality products.

Toward new contributions and manufacturing dependable pharmaceuticals

Towards new contributions and
manufacturing trustworthy pharmaceuticals

At Oishi Koseido, our guiding principle is creation of social value by contributing to health promotion through trustworthy pharmaceuticals.
We have identified two themes for the next 100 years based on the achievements that our company predecessors have accumulated under our guiding principle.

New contributions to society

New contributions to society

We define “new contributions” as the ceaseless pursuit of social value creation by contributing to health as stated in the company’s guiding principle.
The term “new,” does necessarily refer only to groundbreaking new drugs or new overseas markets. For many years now, our company has aimed to create generic drugs and other pharmaceuticals that offer new value to users, patients, and the healthcare industry.
We aim to make new contributions to health and medical care while making persistent efforts to introduce improvements by responding to expectations and accumulating results, and by resolutely taking on the challenges of the future with our bold concepts.

The three pillars of future contributions

  • Drugs for overseas market 1

    Drugs for overseas market

    Contribution to healthcare of patients worldwide
    In February 2018, we obtained FDA approval for ZTlido™ as a treatment for postherpetic neuralgia.

  • Generic drugs 2

    Generic drugs

    Contribution to national healthcare
    We reduce the cost of healthcare and medical care for patients by providing a stable supply of high-quality generic drugs.

  • OTC drugs 3

    OTC drugs

    Contribution to extending healthy life expectancy
    We promote self-medication by supplying pharmacies and drugstores with over-the-counter drugs.