Company Information

CSR Activity

The appointment of a Quality Management Officer and a Safety Officer reflects our unwavering commitment and strict compliance to quality control.

We perform reviews on standards for corporate behavior and promote corporate ethics.

To maintain social trust as a company and to clarify the basic corporate behavior of corporate ethics in compliance with laws and regulations, we have set forth our values and standards in Oishi-Koseido’s “Corporate Code of Conduct” as the guiding principle, and thoroughly disseminate it to all executives and employees. The company organized a Corporate Ethics Committee through which it examines concrete measures to establish corporate ethics, and in addition to conducting training for all officers and employees, review the “Corporate Code of Conduct” for corporate ethics promotion.

After the revised Pharmaceutical Affairs Act took effect on April 1, 2005, there was a shift toward a licensing system for the manufacturing industry and for the manufacturing/marketing industry. In particular, with the requirement to comply with the quality management standards for manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals (the Ministerial Ordinance for Good Quality Practice or GQP) and the post-manufacturing and post-marketing safety management standards (the Ministerial Ordinance for Good Vigilance Practice or GVP), the focus shifted toward the responsibility of the manufacturing/marketing industry.

To ensure appropriate manufacturing and marketing at Oishi Koseido, the Chief Manufacturing/Marketing Officer was tasked to supervise the GQP Department and the GVP Department. It is the responsiblity of the officer to seek mutual collaboration that will safeguard the levels of quality and safety that protect patients and medical consumers.

  • February, 2004 Gender inclusive company for male and female workersFebruary, 2004Gender inclusive companyAwarded Excellence on Slow Life Promotion category Governor of Saga Prefecture
  • February, 2004 Business and Industry Grand PrizeFebruary, 2004Business and Industry Grand PrizeSmall and Medium Enterprises (SME) Innovation Category Winner Governor of Saga Prefecture
  • November 2012 Thank you letter from SAGA HIMATNovember 2012Thank you letter from SAGA HIMATWe are donors to the SAGA Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator in Tosu.
  • April 2013 The 9th Fukuoka Prefecture Corporate Ethics AssociationApril 2013The 9th Fukuoka Prefecture Corporate Ethics AssociationOpening day competition Award of Excellence

We gave donations to support disaster reconstruction and victims.

Through our donations, we helped the victims of 2017 Heavy Rains in Northern Kyushu and supported reconstruction of disaster areas. We sincerely pray for the safety of victims and fast recovery of areas struck by the disaster

August 10, 2017 Donation recipient: Asakura-shi, Fukuoka Contribution: 1 million yen

August 10, 2017 Donation recipient: Asakura-shi, Fukuoka

Environmental Policy

Basic Principles

Oishi Koseido’s corporate guiding principle is “contribution to the health of society by providing pharmaceutical products”. Our purpose is grounded on the belief that a healthy society is nurtured by a healthy natural environment. We are grateful to nature and make it our obligation to leave this planet in better shape for the future generations.

Code of Conduct

  • 1We will strive to continuously improve environmental management systems and to prevent environmental pollution through our operations.
  • 2We will devout serious effort to reduce waste, recycle resources, conserve resources, and conserve energy.
  • 3We will endeavor to reduce CO2 and other substances that have an impact on the global environment.
  • 4We will respect laws, regulations, and other requirements with regard to the environment.
  • 5We will strive to maintain and improve the environment in the local community.
  • 6We will establish and review environmental goals and targets on an annual basis.
  • 7Our environmental policies will be openly disclosed and disseminated to all employees.
  • Oishi Koseido Yamaura Factory was updated on August 20, 2018.