Company Information

Corporate History

Oishi Koseido ‘s humble beginnings can be traced back from manufacturing the rubbing ointment Asahi Mankinko

1907 Oishi Koseido started business as a private company.
Manufactured the Asahi Mankinko rubbing ointment
1950 Oishi Koseido Co., Ltd. was established in March 1950.
1957 Manufacturing of PASMAN plasters started at the head office factory.
1964 Started manufacturing PASMAN (skin-colored, perforated plasters) at the head office factory.
1969 Construction of Yamaura Plant was completed and Plaster Division was relocated from the Main Plant.
1973 Started manufacturing of Gel Patches for ethical use at the Main Plant.
1977 Set up the research and development department at the head office factory.
1982 Started manufacturing film plasters at the Yamaura factory.
1987 Started manufacturing gel patches for ethical use at the head office factory.

Oishi Koseido entered a new stage as Showa gave way to Heisei era.

1990 The Osaka office was established. Ichitaro Oishi was appointed as chairman and Koji Oishi as president.
1991 The new Head Office was built.
1992 Launched transdermal gel patch INDOMETHACIN PAP for ethical use.
1993 Head office plant reconstruction.
1994 onstruction of new research laboratory.
1996 Construction of new manufacturing building at Yamaura (currently Building No. 2)
1997 Tokyo office was established.
1999 Fiftieth anniversary
2001 Market launch of two ethical products: FELBINAC PAP, KETOPROFEN Tape
2004 Awarded the Saga Prefecture Business Grand Prize.
September: Introduced the defined contribution pension plan (Corporate Independent 401K).
2007 One Hundredth Anniversary
Completed construction of new factory at Yamaura (Building No. 1).
Merged the manufacturing department at the head office (for Gel Patches) with the Yamaura factory.
2009 Obtainsed ISO14001 certification. (Yamaura factory)
2012 Completes construction of Yamaura factory for manufacturing tape (No. 3 factory).
Market launch of percutaneous absorption bronchodilator for medical use (TULOBUTEROL Tape)
2013 Market launch of ethical pharmaceutical product LOXOPROFEN SODIUM PAP
2014 Koji Oishi was appointed as chairman and Ryoji Nonaka as president.
2018 Obtained US Food and Drug Administration manufacturing approval
Built Building No. 4 for manufacturing tapes.
Started export of prescription drug ZTlido™ 1.8% to United States of America