Product information

BS Ban ZX Tape

Efficacy and effect Lower back pain, Shoulder pain associated with stiff shoulder, Joint pain, Muscle pain, Tenosynovitis (pain or swelling in the hand, wrist and/or ankle), Pain in the elbow (e.g. tennis elbow), Bruise, Sprain
Regimen and dose Peel off the release paper from the adhesive side and affix one or two sheets to the affected part once a day. However, do not use more than two sheets per dose. Refrain from using any other external preparation that contains the ingredient.
Volume 7 sheets
Size per sheet: 7cm x 10cm
14 sheets
Size per sheet: 7cm x 10cm
21 sheets
Size per sheet: 7cm x 10cm
7 sheets (Large size)
Size per sheet: 14cm x 10cm
Ingredients content
Diclofenac sodium 2g
l-menthol 3.5g

100 g plaster

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